Successfully managing customer relationships is, arguably, the most important factor in running a business. Whether your company is primarily focused on consumers or other businesses, it’s always important to organise and stay up to date on conversations with existing customers and potential new leads too.

A customer relationship management (CRM) system can be extremely beneficial to most businesses. CRM software can offer a more personal and effective communication with your customers. It also has the ability to find new customers, which is crucial for ensuring your company continues to grow, and even build marketing campaigns. 

Every business has different needs. However, we’ve compiled a list of the top things that we think makes a good CRM software in 2020. 

Simplicity and ease of use

As CRM software will be used by a lot of staff, the simplicity and ease of use is a very important factor to consider. From the younger to the older generation everyone should be able to learn and use the software comfortably. 

When choosing your CRM software you’ll want to first consider how user-friendly the dashboard looks, if there are easy to navigate icons and if your team would enjoy using it. 



No two businesses work in the same way, so having the option to customise your CRM software to meet your specific needs will be essential. Choosing a CRM software that can customise the platform to your business will make it easier for everyone to use and understand.  

Other customisation options, such as making the software work for different internal teams, for example, sales and projects, can also be highly beneficial in terms of staying organised and keeping on top of the workload.


Team communication

 Having the ability to easily communicate within your team and even outside of your department too, by using a CRM software is something we’d consider to be very important. 

 Rather than clogging up your inbox a good CRM system will allow you to quickly ask for assistance, share customer information and receive progress updates from other departments. This allows everyone to communicate and work together functionally, giving your business a huge advantage. 


Automation and integration

A good CRM software in 2020 will be able to integrate all of your other apps such as emails, eCommerce and marketing platforms into one, easy to use system, that works together seamlessly. 

You’ll also ideally want the software to automate tasks for you, in order to boost productivity and efficiency. Lessening the amount of time on repetitive, manual tasks allows more time to be spent on bigger projects, helping the company achieve bigger goals.


Customer support

Before investing in a CRM software check that it has a customer support department with a team of human beings. If a CRM service wants to charge you for customer support it’s most likely a rip off so practice caution.

Using a CRM software system which features a helpdesk with live chat, telephone and email support should be readily available 24/7 to clients. 


Custom reports

While the majority of CRM platforms will show you brief figures and data at a glance, a good CRM platform in 2020 allows for more detailed, custom reports for a variety of data.

You’ll want to ensure that the CRM platform you’ve chosen gives team members access to crucial information on sales, marketing, new leads, activity and overall forecast. The custom reports should also let you filter the information down so you can quickly and easily find exactly what you’re looking for.

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