Making the most of your sales leads and opportunities is critical to sustain a growing business. The standard solution to managing leads is to introduce a Customer Relations Management (CRM ) System. The choice for CRM systems is endless with varying prices, features and a mind-field of configurations. But at the end, you still have something generic like everyone else that isn’t exactly right for your needs. Over the past 20 years Lucid UX Limited have been developing online solutions for regulated businesses. Tailoring web applications and systems we’ve built for regulated businesses and sectors, based on their unique needs including, for example, legislative requirements. Here are some of our long-standing clients who have benefited from our bespoke solutions :

Where we can help you 

Automated Cross Selling

Why find new customers, when you can create additional revenue  from your existing base for free!? Our CRM solutions help you to automate cross-selling techniques like email and telephone campaigns with a customisable query and report engine. This enables the system to either send out email campaigns with direct buy now links or generate sales lists for your team.




 Microsoft Technology

Using industry leading Microsoft technology. You can be assured that our cloud solution upholds to the latest security standards, along with gold rating backup and disaster recovery.




 Training and Support

Our dedicated support team will help you along the way and give you the help you need so you’re not left searching on google: “ How to…”. From setup to evolution.





 API Integration

Integrate our CRM solution with your existing website, accounts software, telephone system to reduce data-entry leads and sales as well as possible human error.




 Data Reporting of Your Market

Understanding your customers behaviours, demographics, geographic and buying patterns. So you can answer those aspirational questions such as “when is the best time to sell to our customers and why? “ or “who are the customers that buy and who are the ones that aren’t!”





Work Queues

Place your users into work groups then apply them to work queues to auto distribute tasks or leads. These might be automated email reception, quotes requests from your website or the dreaded complaint. Setup service SLAs to each queue to understand where your business is struggling to meet client deadlines or users not picking up the slack.





Automated Workflows

Easily automate tasks, data flow and outcomes for user or customer actions with a visual workflow builder, thereby reducing operational load and repeated jobs.