InsurXchange Analyse - Insurance analytics

InsurXchange Analyse

Instant, simple & powerful – Upload your insurance data or connect to an existing system for instant analysis. Input business assumptions such as rate changes or new exclusions to produce forecasts and demonstrate the strength of the product you are writing.


“ Knowing how my insurance book was performing to the day, allowed us to understand its true value in an instant without waiting for costly manual analysis from our Actuaries

Flexibility with Power

Simply import two spreadsheets (CSV) files for instant business and claims analysis. Or we can connect to your existing insurance system or data pool for real-time synchronisation via API

Analysis Dashboards

  • Premium Growth
  • Gross Written Premium
  • Earned Commission
  • Total Claims Paid
  • Total Claims Reserved
  • Total Incurred
  • Policyholder Activity
  • Average Premium Breakdown
  • Policy geographic location densities

Advanced Reporting

  • Earned Premium Tables
  • Distribution channel breakdown
  • Policyholder demographic analysis & patterns
  • In depth rating analysis
  • Commission breakdowns & profit shares
  • Claims overview
  • Claims Loss triangles
  • Claims concentrations
  • Quick export & share options

Macro Economy Effects

Understanding how key economic factors such as inflation, growth and employment can affect your insurance business you can stay one step ahead of current conditions.

Underwriting Guide Performance

Understand book performance and how success was achieved. Whether that was via extreme discounting or rate reduction outside of underwriting guidelines.

Risk Selection

View the successes and risks of your book. Help understand where sales have come from, as well as where the concentration of claims are derived.

Assumptions & Forecasting

Run assumption scenarios to understand the impact of varying factors and how these effect your insurance business, as well as possible outcomes for rate and exclusions changes.

Data from anywhere

Whether your data is in a central data lake, multiple risk / claims systems or simply resides within spreadsheets. The powerful and intuitive data connection, mapping and import tool helps collate disperate sources into a single dataset allowing for instant access and reporting.

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