It’s all very well having a system that’s great at administrating the life cycle of an insurance policy, in fact it’s a given these days, but how do you get the new business in the first place?

There is often a gap between policy administration functionality and front-end lead generation and sales.

New business and business retention is the life blood of any organisation, especially in a market where margins are becoming squeezed due to higher costs per acquisition or multiple layers of commission.

So, it was important to us that we designed a system that bridged the gap between sales and administration, focusing on user experience and service delivery from the initial point of enquiry and throughout the full lifecycle of the policy.

The level of automation the system provides means you can sell niche or low margin products without a massive cost and administrative burden.

We achieve this by:

  • handling new business from multiple sources in any currency or jurisdiction,
  • dealing with quote requests and responses via automated processes or a highly targeted outbound sales team,
  • maximising the opportunity from the existing customer base through automated cross-selling,
  • enabling a policy holder to self-service their policy life cycle; and
  • automating the policy life cycle and renewal process along with annual or monthly premiums.

At our system’s core is the class leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) cloud-based platform. This means no worrying about your system becoming a legacy issue due to constant updates, it’s truly your own instance meaning it can be customised to evolve with your business.

This comprehensive set of sales and customer service tools enables your business to build upon its foundations through scalable, monitored and targeted sales actions and team work queues.

Paired with the implementation of SLAs and KPIs, you can rely upon your team to give customers and the business the attention they need and deserve whether that’s at the point of purchase, onboarding, claim, adjustment, cancellation or renewal.


But how do we get new business into the system?

By default, the system comes with four main options to sell:

White Label Web Portal
Customisable mini-sites that can be branded to suit your product, market or organisation. Customers can be guided through the insurance product’s features and benefits, with an application process, built by you via a simple drag and drop interface, linking to your chosen merchant service for annual or monthly premium payment with automated document issuance.

Bordereau Import
Easily mass import new business from other sources such as a broker, sub-broker or affinity groups. The system will ingest the supplied bordereau importing new policies, amendments or cancelations, into encrypted storage to engage the automated policy life cycle and document issuance.

Connect the system to any other insurance systems or business sources for maximum automation.

• Aggregation
Connect your products to a customisable aggregation map to start receiving new business right away from the likes of Go Compare,, Compare the Market and more.

These powerful sales tools allow you to get your products to your market fast.  What’s more, with a built-in product development module you can add your own products with dynamic data driven documentation, unlimited commission structures, pricing options or a risk calculated premium, within hours.

The extreme levels of automation allow the system to sell and administer your products with as little human interaction as your company desires.

To find out more about our state-of-the-art custom insurance system, schedule a free call with us today.




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