Sounds too good to be true?

Brokers and MGAs using our system have considerably enhanced revenue by switching to our online insurance solutions.

Covering the whole life-cycle of a policy from white labelled sales frontend, through to CRM, policy administration, claims, automated renewal and cross-selling. Our clients enjoy an automated end-to-end system with policyholder and agent self-servicing.

We strongly feel the system you take on board should be right for your business need.

We start with the solution being 90% finished, but the final 10% is unique to you.



We start with the solution being finished


Unique to you

Meaning, no remodelling of processes or prevention of growth because you’re having to mould your business to work within the restrictions of what an off-the-shelf system can provide.

The removal of software originating restrictions to your growth and combined with massive reduction in cost has proved beneficial all our clients. One case in particular our client using the Lucid UX Insurance System saw their annual GWP triple in the first year.

Whilst operating costs were reduced by 75%, as repetitive, time-consuming administrative tasks were near eliminated and replaced with a more automated and self-servicing sales and administration process.

If you’d like to know more about our insurance solutions, book a demonstration here.

We can have you up and running within 12 weeks and often less!